Power Supply Problems

Check that the power cord is connected snugly in the back of the TV and snugly into the socket. If you have a cable box, or DVD, VHS or Blu-Ray player or use a power strip or extension cords, make sure all connections are snug. Test the socket you are using with another electrical item to make sure current is flowing. Confirm that the electrical socket the TV is plugged into isn't controlled by a wall switch that may have accidentally been flipped. Inspect the power cord for any nicks or cuts. If the cord itself is damaged and not permanently attached to the TV, a replacement cord can easily be found and ordered online. If it is permanently attached, an electrical repair shop can rewire it for you.
TV has worked just great since purchased in 04. Sat down this morning, grabbed the remote and nothing happened. I replaced the batteries in the remote, tried it again and nothing. I tried the manual power button on the front of the TV and still nothing. I tested the power outlet and it works fine. As I plug the TV in, I hear a soft click as if it is trying to power on but still nothing happens.
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