Coby TV Repair

The biggest question people have when they come across an HDTV brand that they've never heard of is "how good is the quality of the TV" and "is this thing going to last very long"?  Both are definitely good questions for most of the budget brand TV lines.  HDTV shoppers need to keep in mind that these massed produced, cheaper TV's obviously are cheaper to produce and quality issues tend to be a little more frequent. 

Coby Electronics is a newer brand in the HDTV market.  It is a United States company that has manufacturing facilities in various parts of the world including China and Mexico.

Coby is an up and coming name of audio/video equipment.  As far as TV's go, the primarily focus on the small ranges of LCD TV's – everything from just a few inches wide to 30+ inch LCD TV's.  Their line-up includes standalone LCD HDTV's, portable televisions, TV/DVD combo's and more.

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